Setting Up Cloudflare

If you are going to be accepting payments online, your Checkout or Order pages need to be on an https page, which means that your page is secure.

The Cloudflare platform provides you with a free SSL certificate, which enables you to secure pages of your site very easily. All you need to do is setup a Cloudflare account and then link your website domain to it.

Here are the steps
  • Sign up for a Cloudflare Account.
    Once setup, you will be redirected to your Cloudflare dashboard.
  • Click on + Add Site at the top of the page
  • In the middle of the dashboard, a field called Add a Website will appear
  • Enter your domain name. Make sure you enter just the domain name, for example, and NOT

    Tip! Only use your Root domain, when adding a domain to Cloudflare. Subdomains can be managed and secured, only once your root domain has been setup. i.e. and not
  • Once done, click on Begin Scan
    Cloudflare will begin to scan your domain name.
  • Wait till the scan finishes then click on Continue Setup
  • Verify That All Of Your DNS Records Are Listed properly
  • Click on Continue
  • Select a CloudFlare Plan (We select “FREE Website”) and click on Continue
  • Change Your Nameservers: Go to your domain registrar (The website where you purchased your domain name) and change the name server details to the one cloudflare is showing you on the screen.
  • Click on Continue

Once you change the DNS settings for your site, you will need to allow up to 24 hours for the nameserver details to update. Once updated, you will be using Cloudflare for your website DNS and you will have a free SSL certificate that you can use for site. This will allow you to offer a secure Checkout page and receive payments online.