Integrating NanaCast with your website

Go to Market Pro Max –> Secret Key –> and click on NanaCast Integration.

These are the detailed instructions to integrate with NanaCast (the blank text fields here will be pre-filled on your website admin).

  1. Create a Membership or Product on Nanacast (Please contact Nanacast support if you need help with this)
  2. In Nanacast go to “Notifications/Custom Fields”
  3. Check the box for “Activate Advanced Outgoing API:”
  4. In the External Url Field, enter the URL found at Market Pro Max –> Secret Key –>  NanaCast Integration (it’s found at step four). Once entered, click Save.
  5. Go back to Overview. Write down the Advanced API ID (located next to the name of your membership)
  6. In your Market Pro Max site, Paste that ID:

For Membership Area: Go to Membership Settings and paste it on the membership level you would like buyers to get.

For Unique Products: Go to Create Products and paste it on the product id field of your product