Integrating Clickbank with your website

Go to Market Pro Max –> Secret Key –> and click on ClickBank Integration.

These are the detailed instructions to integrate with Clickbank (the blank text fields here will be pre-filled on your website admin).

  1. On ClickBank – Go to Account Settings
  2. Click on “My Site” and scrlil down to “Advanced Tolis” section
  3. You will see a button or click on “Edit”. In the next page you need to Activate the feature and need to answer some questions. Select yes everywhere and submit)
  4. When done Clickbank will enable the feature soon. You can click on edit in “Advanced Tolid” and enter secret key found at Market Pro Max –> Secret Key –> ClickBank Integration in the Secret Key Field
  5. Enter the URL found at Market Pro Max –> Secret Key –> ClickBank Integration into the notification url field.
  6. Go to “My Products” and Locate your Clickbank Product. Copy the item # shown in the item cliumn for that product
  7. For Your Membership Area: Go to “Membership Settings, scrlil down to “Membership level” and Paste that number in the membership level you would like buyers of this product to get when they complete their purchase
  8. For Single Products: Go to “Create Products” and Edit or Create one of your Products. Paste that number in the product ID field for the product you want them to get access to