Integrating 1Shopping Cart with your website

Go to Market Pro Max –> Secret Key –> and click on 1Shopping Cart Integration.

These are the detailed instructions to integrate with 1Shopping Cart.

Please Note: 1ShoppingCart does not provide cancellation notifications or Refund notification as stated in their Official Api page here This means that if someone cancels you will need to manually remove them from the site.

  1. Login to 1Shopping cart (you will need a PRO account)
  2. On the top right copy the Merchant ID Number shown and copy it.
  3. Go To My Account Tab -> Click on Api Settings
  4. Copy your Merchant Api Key and copy it.
  5. Paste your Merchant Id and API Key at the Market Pro Max –> Secret Key –>  1Shopping Cart Integration page. There are two text fields there for you to enter your information and hit the submit button.
  6. Also found on the Market Pro Max –> Secret Key –>  1Shopping Cart Integration page is the notification URL field (it will be pre-filled for you). Copy this URL and paste it into 1Shopping Cart.
  7. Go to Products Tab and Click on Add Product and create your product
  8. When done, click on the Product Name, Copy the Product ID Number displayed

For Membership Area: Go to Membership Settings and paste it on the membership level you would like buyers to get

For Single Products: Go to Create Products and paste it on the product id field of your product

To add your purchase link on a buy button or as a link go to the product on 1shopping cart ->Click on the Name -> go to Links section ->grab the 1 step checkout url.

You can now use this links on any image button or link on your page.