Integrating PayPal with your website

Go to Market Pro Max –> Secret Key –> and click on PayPal Integration.
These are the detailed instructions to integrate with PayPal.

  1. Click on Profile
  2. 01

  3. Click on “My Sellings Tools” on the left sidebar
  4. 02

  5. click UPDATE link on the WEBSITE PREFERENCES option under the “Selling Online” category
  6. 03

  7. Under Auto Return for Website Payments select OFF and click Save at the bottom of the page
  8. 04
    Once saved, click on Back to My Profile to return to “My Selling Tools” section

  9. Back in My Selling Tools, Click on Update in the Paypal buttons option
  10. 06

  11. You will land on the “My Save Buttons” page
  12. On the right sidebar, click on “Create new button”
  13. 07


  15. Under ITEM NAME – type in the name of your product
  16. Under ITEM ID – enter a unique number – *IMPORTANT* remember this ID
  17. 09

  18. Under PRICE – enter the price of the product
  19. Under the CURRENCY – enter which currency you want to use
  20. 10

  21. Under the MERCHANT ACCOUNT IDs – Select your business ID or email
  22. 11

  23. Click on “Step 3: Customize Advanced Features”
  24. 12

  25. CHECK the box that says “Take customers to this URL when they finish checkout”.
    Enter the url of the page you want them to reach after they complete their purchase. For example this can be your Thank you page (If you want to build a list of buyers check out the extra steps below – BUYER LIST BUILDING)
  26. Under the ADVANCED VARIABLE – click the checkbox on “Add Advanced Variables”
    To locate the Advanced Variable in the backend of your site, go to Settings -> Secret Key -> PayPal Integration. Scroll down to step 16 and copy the 1st and second variable. Each on it’s own separate line.
  27. 14

  28. click on CREATE BUTTON

* This step is only required if you want to build a list of buyers

The Buyer Squeeze – You can do this for your membership area and for your single products. Simply create a page using the Optin – buyer squeeze template with your autoresponder code inserted. Use this page as the return url on Paypal. Your New buyers will reach this page after they complete their purchase. They can enter their name and email and submit. Your Autoresponder form will then redirect them wherever you decided. For this situation, you want your form to redirect to the thank you page you created

If You are selling access to your Membership Area:

  • On your MPM Website Go to: Membership Area > Membership Settings
  • In Membership levels enter the ID you just used on Paypal in the desired membership level you want your client to get

If You are selling access to a 1-Page Product:

  • Go to: 1-Page Products > Select your product and enter the ID on the product ID field