How to use blog squeeze tools

Go to Market Pro Max –> Squeeze Tools. Here you will find a selection of squeeze tools that you can use specifically with your blog.

Each of the blog squeeze types has fields for entering your autoresponder code, headline and sub headline, various color options and the ability to enable or disable them with a ticking or unpicking of a box. The best way to get the hang of using any of the blog squeeze tools is to enable them individually and check them out for your self. Find the one that suits you the most and go with that.

Blog Sidebar Squeeze: Appears on the sidebar of your blog.

Blog Post Top Squeeze: Appears at the top of your blog posts.

Blog Post Bottom Squeeze: Appears at the bottom of your blog posts.

Blog LightSqueeze: A lightsqueeze style overlay that pops up when people arrive at your blog.

Blog Optin Slider: An optin box slider that alway sits at the bottom for your blog.

Blog Notification Bar: Adds an optin via a notification bar, a hello bat basically.