How To Setup The Blog Post Pop-Up Squeeze Tool

This feature will help you build your email list. When users submit their details on the pop up their details will be added to the autoresponder form code you added when you setup the feature.

Here are the Steps:

+ Login to the Admin of your MPM site
+ Go to The Blog / Squeeze Tools
+ Click on “Blog Post Pop Up”
+ Check the Enable box and insert all the other details
+ (Optional) If you want to split test a B version of the blog post pop up click on the Version B tab, enable it and also add the details.
+ When ready click on Save
+ A new button will now appear at the top of your each of your blog post
+ When users click, a pop up will appear with the content you loaded on admin
+ When they submit their details they will be redirected to the thank you page your autoresponder form code is using (You will set this up in your own auto-responder account, not on MPM)

Please note this feature is a list building feature so you can grow your email list. It is not a new blog post email notification service