How to control the value pages on the Launch Pad

You have complete control of how your value pages will display on your Launch Pad. Value pages appear on the nav menu of each other unless otherwise configured on the Launch Pad.

After you have created the value pages you intend to use with your launch, go to¬†Market Pro Max –> The Launch Pad. Here you will see an area where you can set up to five value pages to display.

Each value page has the following settings that can be used to have the launch run the way you would like.

Activate: This enables or disables the value page from appearing entirely.

Select Page: Choose from an existing value page or set it to coming soon.

Page Thumbnail: For some value page templates you can set a thumbnail image to represent the value pages.

You also have the option at the bottom of the Launch Pad to redirect all value pages to your live page (useful for when you need to quickly go live) and the ability to set you launch as perpetual.

If you set your launch to perpetual your entire launch becomes automated.