How to control live event questions

Market Pro Max –> Live Events. There is a tab there called Event Questions. When someone asks a question on the live event page, that question gets archived to here along with their name.

You can choose to export the questions, delete them one by one as you answer them, or click the Clear Questions link to delete them all.

A little tip when it comes to questions. When running a live event you need to be able to view the questions in order to answer them while running the event. If you only have a few questions coming in this is easy to manage. If you get a larger volume of questions it can become quite unwieldy. Questions can get repeated, people can go off topic or offer their own opinions, people can repeatedly ask their question fearing that is has been missed. This can get very difficult to manage. If you have a team, have one person responsible for monitoring the questions and deleting repeated questions and non-relevant comments.