How to Add images to your Blog Posts

  • To add an image to your Blog Post, click on the Add Media button.
  • OpenMediaGallery

  • In the next screen, you have two options to insert an image into your Post.
    OPTION 01 – Upload Files

  • click on Upload Files tab to upload a new image
  • UploadImageOption

  • Once open, you can drag your image file on to the upload area and it will begin uploading.
  • Or click on Select Files button to choose an image from your computer – see screenshot
  • ImageDragNDrop2

  • NB! We recommend using an image with a maximum width of 800px and aim to get that image below 200KB.
    OPTION 02 – Media Library

  • To select an image uploaded previously, click on Media Library tab.
  • SelectExistingImage

  • Once open, you will see all the image files that you uploaded previously.
  • Simply select the image you want for your Blog Post
  • SelectImage

  • To the far-right, you will see a section called Attachment Display Settings.
  • Under the Link To dropdown menu, choose None.
  • LinkToNone

  • Under the Size dropdown menu, select Full Size option.
  • This will ensure that your image will fill the width of your Blog Post.

  • Then click on Insert Into Post button to insert image into post.

  • Once done, your image will appear in your Blog Post.