How customers get access to One Page Products

When customers/members purchase one of your One Page Products they receive a product confirmation email. That email has the login details they need to access the product. The email is sent to buyers of all of your one page products so you need to keep your email generic.

Go to¬†Market Pro Max –> One Page Products.

Towards the bottom of the product setup page there is area that shows the email that will be sent to anyone that purchases any of your one page products. Below is the default content of that email:


Thanks you for purchasing $productName, you have made such a great choice.

You can access the product anytime you like here:


Your login details are:

Email : $email
Password : $password

Thank you once again.

Support Service Desk


The email is customizable, but note that the fields in bold above are linked to the system and should not be changed.