How a perpetual launch works

Go to Market Pro Max –> The Launch Pad. At the very bottom of the Launch Pad is an option to set your launch to be perpetual.

A perpetual launch means that your launch is completely automatic and it will continue to run until you turn it off. The perpetual launch works in conjunction with a registration process and an autoresponder sequence.

For example, let’s say someone joins your list and receives an email from you talking about your offer and is given a link to value page one. They can view value page one but the other value pages that are part of the launch only display coming soon in the navigation menu based on when they have registered

This is how it works:

+ Setup your Launch on Perpetual by selecting “yes” in the perpetual otion
+ Select a no Access page (this is the page you want user to be redirected to if they should not have access to the page)
+ Enter the number of days for each of the value pages. The way this works is based on when they have registered for the launch. So for example if you entered 2 in the “Days to Value Page 2” then this means that the value page 2 will only be available two days after they have registered. (Users register for a launch by using one of the Optin Pages, see more below)
+ Enter number of days to redirect to the closed page.
+ Select a Closed page. This is the page your users should reach once their launch access is over
+ Enter the number of days you want to allow users to re-register for the launch after it closes.
+ Click on Save

Now that the Launch page has been setup as evergreen, we need to enable registration for it. Go to Pages and select the Optin page you have created for your launch.

+ Open The Page Builder
+ Click on Page Options
+ Check the Option “Register for Launch”
+ IMPORTANT: you also need to check the box for “Redirect to this url on Optin” and add the url of the page you want your users to reach after they optin
+ Check the Option “Redirect to this url on Optin”
+ Enter the url of the value page 1 you have setup on your launch pad

Remember, once your launch has been set on “perpetual” you need to add the user email to the url of any of the value pages to be able to see those pages, otherwise they will be redirected to the No Access page instead

To do this simply add ?contactEmail=XXXX
You will replace XXX with the Email of the contact. Most autoresponders can easily do this and have their own code. Please check with your autoresponder support team if you need help with this.