Controlling your live event

Go to Market Pro Max –> Live Events. There are two tabs here, Event Settings and Event Questions.

Under Event Settings you will see some options for controlling your live event. These options are directly linked to your live event page and that page will refresh in real time every time you make a change.

Event Status: This is controlling the current status of your event on your live event page.

Not Started indicates that the live event has not started yet (an image will be displayed). Live means that your event is streaming live on the page. Even if your broadcast has not started, YouTube displays a starting soon message until you click the Start Broadcast button. Closed indicates that the event is over (an image will be displayed). Replay means that the even is being replayed. As YouTube automatically records your event for you, the original YouTube ID for the event will still work. This can take some time so it’s a good idea to set your event to Closed until the replay is made available.

Custom Images: If you do not like the Starting Soon and Closed default images and can create your own and upload them here.

Show Call To Action Button: If you have a pre-configured call to action button on your live event page you can turn that on or off at any point during the live event.

Enabling Questions: Aside from during the live event itself, the questions box on the sidebar of the live events page can be made available before the event starts, when the event is closed, or when the replay is active.